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May 28, 2013


FYI:  I've applied to include Google AdSense ads on this site.  I'll limit the ads and make them inconspicuous colors etc. -- as much as possible.  If they clutter the layout too badly on PC, mobile or tablet screens, I'll remove them.  If AdSense is a pain in the butt to use, I'll stop using it.  If my friends all start going broke because they're buying stuff from ads on my little gaming blog, I'll stop using it.  Heh.

Anyway...  Why add ads?  Well, I thought "why not?"  I mean, if they don't hurt the site, so what?  I could make enough money to buy a pack of gum every few months or so.  I expect that this little blog may get 10,000 pageviews by its first birthday.  That's not a lot, but if 1% of the views leads to an ad click, and I get 20 cents a click, it's a case of good beer, right?

Anyway, don't feel obligated to click the ads if they're not genuinely interesting to you.

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