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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

A few quick stats for posterity:

  • Total unique pageviews to date: 115,789
  • Age of blog:  First post was 8/24/12, so this August, Run a Game turns four.
  • Blog posts to date:  170 (including this one)
  • Posts in 2015:  49 (tied with 2013 for most steady posting)
  • Peak monthly unique pageviews in 2016: 10,264 (August)
  • Most viewed post written in 2015:  What to use gold for in 5e D&D (2,063)
  • Most viewers come from: Facebook
  • Strategy for 2015:  Write content to meet the needs of online communities (primarily Twitter and Facebook), post it there, and link to back-catalog content to answer questions, enrich discussions, or provide relevant information.
  • What's new?  I've set up Hootsuite and built a Facebook page (Run a Game).  

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