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August 23, 2016

Mood Infographic

Today's post is an infographic on mood in tabletop RPGs!

If you want a more detailed dive into mood in tabletop RPGs than this infographic, click on over to this old article here.  But I'll warn you -- the graphics are ugly.

Here's a much better looking infographic.

GMs, you need to be clear about the mood of your game before the players even make characters.  It determines who the protagonists are, what their ethical considerations will focus on, and how conflicts will resolve.  Superheros just beat up the obvious bad guy.  But in a gothic horror scenario, it may turn out that there's no good guy, and that the PCs were the real bad guy all along.  It determines conflict resolution - in a dark mood game, defeat is common and fun.  In a monster hunter game, defeat is rare and disappointing.

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